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Hide Treasure and Make a Pirate Map

Choose your favorite items (your treasure) and put them in a small box. You can use a shoe box or other type small box you might have at home. Fill it with something that will be the treasure for your family to find. Bury the treasure in your backyard and make a map for someone in your family to follow. Start your map by using the guidelines on pages 177-178, and use page 178 to draw the first draft of your map. Although that activity talks about a school treasure hunt, you are doing one at home using the guidelines provided in the book.

Home Support:

Discuss with your child what would be a good location in your backyard for him/her to bury the treasure. If the treasure box is too big to be buried, the box can be hidden somewhere. Direct your child to draw the treasure map while sitting with their back to the spot where the treasure is buried or hidden. Look at your smartphone or compass and help your child include a compass rose oriented in the correct direction.

Cut up a paper grocery bag for an authentic looking pirates map!!

Tear the Edges before drawing on it!

Crinkle it up to make it look really old and now you are ready to draw on it!

When you are finished give it to another family member to see if they can find the treasure only using the map. Enjoy getting to play a fun and educational game with your child.

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