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We welcome you to join us virtually as our team of STEM professionals takes time to be in schools weekly running hands-on labs. Collectively we have volunteered in thousands of classrooms innovating resources alongside K-6th grade students and teachers. The result is our custom approach to the NGSS is easy to implement, effective and full of hands-on fun that creates lasting memories.

Peek into a STEMTaught Class

Meet The Authors

Authors of the STEMTaught Journal include STEM professionals, teachers, and university students that pass on their passion for STEM to our youngest learners. Enjoy the units in print and online where you can hear each author and interact with the content. 

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Meet the Tools

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Meet Kea

Kea holds the lab tools for each student so you can have easy access with your class to mix, measure and explore.

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Meet Koa

Koa is full of fun sustainable supplies for various labs. You will find a shelf with Koa Crates is a reliable way to transport your class on an unforgettable field trip.

Meet Cuteda the Microscope Cart

I’m an amazing resource to instant and simple discovery. See the world in a whole new way. Microscopes stay charged all year and are easy for young students to discover with.

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Meet the Micro-bits

This little baby computer can do everything you tell it to do. Each NGSS unit has a programming challenge! Easy plug and play with a 1 to 1 micro:bit to student ratio makes building programming skills easy and accessible to all! 

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Fan Mail

“The greatest thing I can say about them is they are devoted to training staff, supporting staff and teachers, modeling lessons and providing everything needed for a quality hands-on science program." 


—  Julie Boesch, Superintendent, Maple