Spontaneous Discovery

STEMTaught in a Classroom

STEMTaught works because it was developed in elementary school classrooms by STEM professionals working with teachers. Before any hands-on lab or textbook material is finalized, it is refined by teaching it multiple times in classes of multiple grade levels incorporating lessons learned. Come see how easy and fun it is to delight students with STEMTaught.  


Our Program

In developing STEMTaught, the focus has been on children.  You will see the magic and excitement that STEMTaught brings when you try a lab. We present our text and our class labs as meaningful STEMPlay with clear learning and teaching objectives aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core requirements. Young students need more hands-on experiences, and teachers need better resources. To make this happen, we as STEM professionals have left our industry careers and set out on a great adventure volunteering in classrooms with educators.

The STEMTaught curriculum inspires innovation and a love for STEM.  


STEMTaught presented at the

National Conference on Earthquake Engineering

(NCEE) in Los Angeles, June 2018

Title: Making Earthquake Knowledge More Accessible for Elementary Schools