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Try these two easy activities to introduce your students to the micro:bits:

Use these activities as a fun Friday activity or enrichment activities to get your students familiar with how to use the micro:bits. You will be using the micro:bits as a scientific tool in NGSS correlated activities in STEMTaught units this year.  Your students can access these activities on the STEMTaught  Programming Page on the "Student" menu bar. We have included the links here for your convenience.

Getting to Know You

And getting to know the micro:bit too!

With this ice-breaker activity, students program their micro:bit to answer questions about themselves. When a classmate pushes buttons on your micro:bit they can learn how many pets you have and what you favorite food is. 

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Micro:bit Music

Students program their micro:bit to play a song. They use alligator clips to hook their micro:bit to their headphones to play the song.

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Morse Code Transmitter

Students program their micro:bit to transmit morse code. They get in groups of two and send messages to each other.

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Simple Light Sensor

Students program their micro:bit to measure light intensity.

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My Pet Micro:bit

Students program their micro:bit to as an electronic pet. They can imagine what they want it to do and program it to respond to inputs. For example, a cricket goes to sleep in the day and begins chirp at night. they could make their micro:bit pet respond to light in a similar way.

Play this movie for your class to get to know the STEMTaught micro:bit set before doing your first micro:bit activity. Micro:bit programming activities are located in your grade's table of contents. More content will be added throughout the school year.

Coding Geometry

Introduce your students to STEMTaught Programming with the Bubble Bots!

This is an introductory activity to block coding. Students learn to use block code while they solve geometric coding challenges.

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n_Right Triangle.png

Student Challenges

Teacher Edition- Challenge Answers

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How are we doing?

STEMTaught Feedback Form:

We are working hard to serve you and we want to do the best we can. Please take the time to give STEMTaught feedback.  Your answers will help us, thanks!

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STEMTaught Method

Easy as 1-2-3

1)   Teacher Prep Material including a short teacher prep movie for each class lab will outline the lab objectives and share helpful background information for teaching the lab. Teacher prep material will enable teachers to truly become the STEM geniuses of their classes.

2)  Short Lab Movies are available on lab webpages for in-class viewing. These movies set the scene for the in-class lab activity and build excitement in relevant field locations.

3)  Hands-on Labs are designed to guide students in observation and discovery. Lab sheets are simple and promote student drawings and creative thinking. Students will be proud of their collection of lab sheets, as they can be compiled into a field journal. 

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