KittyCode Programming Challenge

Make a Song with Your micro:bit

Program a song into your micro:bit and listen with headphones! 

New project.png

1 - Start a new project in MakeCode

Go to "" to start a new project by clicking the new project icon above. Click the purple plus box labeled "New Project" to begin.

2- Make your song!

Use the piano keyboards to create your own song on your micro:bit when you press the "A" button. Try these blocks:

Need Help_ Heres a Tip.png

3- Play your song!

 Use alligator clips to plug your headphones into your micro:bit! One will clip into the left side of the micro:bit where there is a "0" and the other on the right side where it says "GND". GND means ground. Then, connect both alligator clips to the end of the headphones to listen to your song!