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STEMTaught Golden Apple Award


“The Hunters have created hands-on STEM Labs and lessons for various grade levels and have delivered these labs on a regular and consistent basis. As a geologist and as an engineer, their desire is to create in children a drive to inquire about the world around them and to encourage children, especially young ladies, interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, has driven them 

to create STEMTaught. They have volunteered numerous hours at both Del Rio and Centennial Elementary to foster excitement for science in the children around them.

On behalf of the board of trustees of Rosedale Union School District we thank you for everything that you have done for both Del Rio and Centennial. So here is the Golden apple for community support.”   

Awarded on behalf of Rosedale Union School District

May 2016

Receiving a golden apple was a highpoint in our year. Thanks! We feel very appreciative of the support and interest that the teachers and students have for the STEMTaught lessons. The backing and guidance we received from Mrs. Bianco, the principal of Del Rio and all the teachers has been irreplaceable.  


 We are also grateful to the PTC for help and support in fundraising to bring the STEMTools to their school. Thanks everyone! With all the momentum gained this year next year is surely going to be extraordinary.

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