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Quizzy !

by STEMTaught

"Hi there, my name is Quizzy!"

Google Chrome extensions are easy to load

"I ask lots of questions, and I tell Jokes!"

"What does baby corn call its dad?  Popcorn!"

Quizzy with hand raised.png

"I like Mac and Cheese"

NGSS Aligned Content

NGSS Logo white fill clear

The STEMTaught computer programmers made Quizzy so students could have fun reviewing NGSS science concepts. Download this google chrome extension to ask you an NGSS question anytime you click on her or she will tell you a joke. Quizzy downloads with one click and runs only in Chrome. Every time you open an internet web page Quizzy will be in the lower left of your screen looking cute. You can also hide her. Not only is it fun, but Quizzy is an important assessment tool. Students can use Quizzy at home. Quizzy can also be used in the classroom as a Think, Pair, Share activity, a true false vote by raise of hands, or simply as a starter for a class discussion.

About Quizzy:

Quick Download:

Step 1: Download "Quizzy Your Class" from the chrome web store.


Quizzy Your Class 

Click here to go to chrome web store

Step 2:  After download is complete, open Google Chrome and navigate to any web page. You should see this "Quizzy Your Class" icon (Iggy the green unicorn) at the top right of your browser screen. Googles landing page is not a webpage so Quizzy will not appear here.

Quizzy Icon.png

"Click me to load NGSS unit content"

"Click me to hide or show Quizzy"

extensions bar.png

 Iggy is here in the top right portion of your browser.

Step 3:  Click on Iggy to select the NGSS unit you are studying.

"My name is Iggy! I can help you select your NGSS unit content."

Quizzy Icon.png
Table of Contents.png

Click here to get content menu.

Step 4:  Click on Iggy to hide or show Quizzy. Quizzy will always be there to ask questions, however if you need Quizzy to disappear, all you have to do is click Iggy and hide Quizzy.


Update Extension:  At the start of a new school year you will want to update to the latest version of "Quizzy Your Class" for expanded content and updated features. You must right click Iggy and go to manage extensions. Then scroll down and select "Remove extension". Then download the latest version of "Quizzy Your Class" from the Google store (Step 1).

Manage Extensions.png

Right click on Iggy to manage your extension.

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