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Discover with Koa !

The Koa shelf is packed with wonder. Countless lab days and discoveries can easily be set up from the 20 Koa crates that are full of diverse STEM supplies. Most importantly there are enough supplies for every student to have their own. Students collaborate, share ideas and build with each other when they are given the tools and allowed the time to try things out for themselves.

The Koa Shelf Serves K-6th Grade Students

  • Koa the Crate

    Kekoa was a 5th grade student at Del Rio when we named the Koa crate after him. Koa is bright, fun and loves exploring and he was always helpful in putting things away after the lab.

  • Easy Access

    We work with each school site to insure that their Koa shelf finds a good home and has enough supplies for all of their K-6th classrooms. 

  • Maker Space Friendly

    Each Koa crate is designed to have enough supplies for each student in your classroom to make and create. 

  • Adventure in every crate

    Each crate is full of amazing new discoveries and manipulatives to spark curiosity.

The World's Best Scientists

"As a geologist I have worked professionally with a lot of scientists and I can truly say that our children are the world's best science thinkers. They observe and ask endless questions and they try things over and over. How can we foster their natural inquisitive natures? Our STEMTaught Team of scientists and engineers work everyday to bring these little scientists great resources in every Koa crate.

Founder: Elizabeth Hunter

Building Barbs Koa

Students make amazing models and working prototypes easily with Building Barbs. Kindergarteners can also enjoy engineering with the Building Barb Koa.