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Time to Build a Fort

People all around the world build things to create shade and protect them from the weather. This is one of my favorite types of structures called a Teepee. It was used by Native American Tribes. When I was little I used to go into the closet in our house and barrow a stack of my Mom's nicely folded sheets so that I could build my own Teepee. I loved building tents and I would sometimes get permission to sleep out with my brothers and sisters in them. We also loved building tents inside. We would find pillows and blankets and make some great couch forts. It is so fun to build, would you like to build a fort?

Fort Challenge: Go outside, or inside, or upside down. You can use a box you can use blankets or whatever your family has. Get creative and see if you can make your own fort. Bella has been working on her fort for over a month now and she just finished today! I made this little video of what she created. Have fun building!

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Mar 21, 2020

Their good

(good ideas)

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