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Make a Diorama

It’s time for you to be a cartographer. A cartographer is someone that makes maps. First make sure you have read pages 165-169 in the STEMTaught Journal. To learn how to make a map you can start by making a little land, this is called a diorama. You can build mountains, rivers, streams, islands and you can even put little buildings in your land. Get creative. You can use clay, plants, paper, paint and anything else you can dream up. If you want to make it outside in your yard with sediment and rocks that will work too. No size is too big or too small.

Home Support:

Once you have finished making your panorama it is time to map it. Take out a paper and some pencils and draw a map of everything in your land. Make sure you include a compass showing North, South, East, and West. Parents please help students orient their diorama to the North before they start to draw. You can use the compass on your smartphone to help them out with this. Also, help your child measure the distance between a prominent feature so they can make a scale for their map. Finally help them make a key for their map to describe the features the have drawn.

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