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STEMPlay with Seeds

"Look, Playable likes to eat seeds!  She only likes sunflower seeds. "  


Student quote during this lab 

Use your most important science tools, your hands, eyes, and ears to observe and discover the wonder of seeds. So many types-what are they and what do they need to grow? Try your own easy and fun experiment growing Indian corn in water with sunlight. Will it grow without dirt? 

Lab sheet & activites

Watch Class Movie

teacher Prep

Seed Tamborine Art Activity

Teacher Prep Movie

& Playable the Table

Lab Materials Needed

Kea STEMCrate

-Tedros test tube -Toby Tweezers



Seed Tamborine Recipe

Make this cute seed tambourine with your class as your students learn about seeds.  This activity combines a sensory exploration of seeds and an art activity where students practice motor skills and measurements with science tools.

Sensory learning with seeds 

Activity Step 1

- Talk with your class about seeds and what they need to grow.

- Watch the in-class movie.


- Allow students to have sensory learning time with seeds. Work on sorting skills (size, color, seed type), counting skills, and other applicable math skills.

You can utilize STEMTaught Sensory tables or any sensory container that is available in your classroom.

Anchor 1

Seed Tamborine

Activity Step 2

-  Pass out seed tambourine recipe cards.


-  Have students measure the quantity of seeds required for the tambourine using Toby Tweezers and Tedros Test Tube.


- Ask students to draw and cut roots and a stem to grow out of their seed.

- Staple each student's seeds into a paper bowl (folded in half). Be sure to leave the ends free of staples so you can staple their leaves and roots in when their art projects are complete.

Staple the student's roots and leaves into the seed tambourine.

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