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Take spontaneous curiosity and discovery to a whole new level with Cuteda the microscope cart. She comes ready to safely transport 32 of our uniquely engineered microscopes from classroom to classroom. These are perfect for any K-12 the grade student as they are stereoscopic mircoscopes meaning that students can view endless 3D samples without the need to use glass slides. Students collect their own samples and place the rock, flower, drop of water ect on the stage. They can instantly view it with the binocular lenses and see a whole new world come alive.


Microscopes are rechargable and typicaly stay charged all year so no cumbersome cord is needed. You can wheel Cuteda the microscope cart outdoors for easy exploration or from classroom to classroom. See more details about the microscopes under their page in the store. Cuteda was envisioned and engineered after years of volunteer work in schools by a scientist and engineer couple. Every part of her was chosen from among the best materials and she is built to bring lasting discovery to your school. STEMTaught guarantees both the cart and the microscopes against any manufacturing issues.

Meet Cuteda, the STEMTaught Microscope Cart!

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