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Pressed Flowers - Mother’s Day Gift

You can start early on a Mother’s Day gift! With flowers leftover from the above activities you can make a bookmark, card or artwork for your mom. You will need flowers, paper, a heavy book, and packing tape. Take a flower and place it inside a sheet of paper that is folded in half. Then, put the paper-flower sandwich inside the heavy book. You can use multiple books or put more than one flower sandwich in a book. Be sure to place it towards the end of the book, where most of the weight will be on the flower sandwich. Put the book somewhere where it will not be disturbed, for about a week. If you want to add more pressure, tie a string tightly around your book (be careful not to damage the book).

Home Support:

Collect some flowers. Especially if there is a flower you know your mother would like for Mother’s Day! Carefully take out the flowers from the book and arrange them how you want to lay them out. Get a strip of packing tape and carefully place it sticky side up on the table. Lay the delicate flowers on top of the tape strip (You may need help with this part). Be sure the flower is centered on the tape. Next, work with someone in laying another strip of packing tape of the same size on top of the flower strip. Press gently to “laminate” the flower with the tape. You can cut to size and shape the flower in the tape. Finally, surprise your mom by giving her a beautiful Mother’s day gift from you!

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