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Grade 6: Grow a Plant in Cotton - Mess-free gardening!

It’s Spring and it's time to plant some seeds. You will be able to see the growth of a plant from seed to adult. No dirt required. After your seedling has sprouted you can plant it outside. When your plant reaches its adult size you will be able to see what type of flower it grows and what the product of the flower will be. Read and watch the movie below to get started with this fun experiment!

Home Support:

You can do this experiment indoors. You will need a small clear plastic cup or small jar, 2-4 cotton balls, a couple of dry beans and water. If the cup is too tall, have your child cut it down in size with scissors. Next, soak the cotton balls in water and place them in the cup. Then add 2-3 dry beans. You can do this with different types of beans (pinto, black, white, red, etc.), so feel free to prepare more than one cup. Observe the plant each day and have your child journal and make drawings each day of what he/she sees happen to the beans as they grow. Remember to not let your cotton balls go dry, keep the cotton balls soaked with a little water each day. Take pictures if you can, zoom in!

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