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forces, motion and stability

"I  loved when we had to make it hover in front of us. It took my a while becuase the balloon would fly up or sink. Finally what I did was break the weight in half and to my surprise it hovered!"  


Student quote after completing this lab 

6th Grade California Elementary School.

Bella Balloon is ready to show how forces of gravity and buoyancy are at work on the earth. Both visually and mathematically student teams work to understand how these forces act on our earth. The data they collect during the lab will help design the experiment that will later take Bella balloon off the earth and into near space! Students see how fun it is to be an engineer/mathematician who uses models to test and gather data. Aligns to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards for Math, Language Arts and sparks the creative side of students. (Standards below).

Anchor 1

3rd Grade LAbs

3-PS2 NGSS Motion and Stability: Physical Science, Engineering 


Disciplinary Core Ideas:

-3-PS2-1: Students get to conduct an investigation to provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of Bella balloon as they experiment with gravity buoyancy and what it takes to achieve a state of rest.

-3-PS2-2: Students make observations and measurements of an objects in motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict how Bella balloon will act in the future with various forces.


Crosscutting Concepts:

-Patterns: Students see that the balloons motions with different forces and can predict what will happen with a certain weight

-Cause and Effect: Students realize that when there is a force that is greater then the opposing force the balloon changes direction.

-Interdependence of Science, Engineering and Technology: Scientific discoveries about the elements and their properties led to breakthrough technologies including flight. Future engineering and improved design will open more doors.


Science and Engineering Practices

-Asking Questions and Defining Problems: Students are faced with some questions that can only be answered through experimentation.  

-Planning and Carrying Out an Investigation: Students work as a team to get the data needed to answer their questions. 


Common Core State Standards Connections:

-MP.4: Model with mathematics, students use math in a fun way to help Bella Balloon know how much she can lift.

-MP.5: Students use appropriate tools strategically.

-3.MD.A.2: Students measure with skilly the scale in grams then add and subtract and multiply to solve various balloon problems. 

-SL.3.3: Students should be able to ask questions and answer questions about air pressure and the forces of Gravity and buoyancy.



*Students connect with standards in an unforgettable and fun hands-on way helping them retain these foundational concepts.



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