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STEMTaught enriches the lives of students through hands-on learning, supported with the interactive STEMTaught Journal, media and computer programming activities.

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Did you hear?

STEMTaught has teamed up with local schools to create lots of after school fun!

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Meet Quizzy!

It's here and it's free!!! STEMTaught is proud to offer you this NGSS aligned Google Chrome extension to bring fun to your classroom or home as you prepare your students for state testing. Click here.

Watch STEMTaught in a Classroom

"My kids beg for STEMTaught labs"- Mrs. Neal


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STEMTaught Foundation Outreach 

The STEMTaught Foundation pursues opportunities for broader impacts in education. We are currently serving around 30 schools and have donated hands-on supplies to all of them. Classroom visits, outreach trips, and professional development and support in bringing hands-on STEM to the classroom are the main focuses of the STEMTaught Foundation.  We serve many schools on Native American Reservations, schools in agricultural farming communities, schools burned in wildfires, and inner city schools.

If you like the 5 E's, you are going to love using the Flexible-E learning model for its added emphasis on hands-on activities and experiential learning. Flexible-E offers more versatility and freedom for the order that you organize hands-on NGSS learning activities and active experimentation in your classroom.

The Flexible-E Learning Model

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Exceptional Hands-On Labs
Start exploring our world full of scientific phenomena with unique tools that make discovery with large classrooms easy.


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Inspirational Authors  
Students follow amazing authors from 14 universities and read their inspirational NGSS aligned articles. Real STEM role models! 


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Computer Programming
Prepare and excite students with NGSS aligned computer programming labs. Easy to follow tutorials that build early confidence with this important skill.
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