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  • G7 (Age 12) Food Undergoes Chemical Reactions That Release Energy And Support Growth
  • G7 (Age 12) Human Response to Natural Hazards
  • G7 (Age 12) Tectonic Plates
  • G7 (Age 12) Ecosystems and the Food Web
  • K (Age 5) Weather Forecasting Can Help People Prepare for Severe Weather
  • G7 (Age 12) Synthetic Materials Come From Natural Resources
  • G7 (Age 12) Mass Is Conserved in a Chemical Reaction
  • G7 (Age 12) The Distribution of Earth Resources Is Due to Geoscience Processes
  • G7 (Age12) Geoscience Processes Change the Earth's Surface
  • G7 (Age 12) Biodiversity Is a Measure of an Ecosystem's Health
  • G7 (Age 12) Photosynthesis Converts Energy From Light Into Chemical Energy
  • G7 (Age 12) Chemical Reactions Can Release or Store Energy
  • G7 (Age 12) Thermal Energy and States of Matter
  • G7 (Age 12) Chemical Reactions and Properties of Substances
  • G7 (Age 12) Energy From the Earth's Interior and the Sun Drive Earth Processes
  • G7 (Age 12) Changes to Ecosystems Affect Populations
  • G7 (Age 12) Patterns of Interactions in Ecosystems
  • G7 (Age 12) Resources Limit The Growth of Organisms in an Ecosystem

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