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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The STEMTaught Journal

Write For Kids!  

This is a great

Publishing Opportunity

and a unique opportunity for 

Community Outreach

Write for students: G3-G6 (Ages 8-12)

Write for tots: K-2 (Ages 5-7)

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Write to change the world

Publish with us

The perks of being a STEMTaught author:

Get Published     Do you want to publish a scientific work for the most curious and interested audience in the world? Write an article that will be published in a textbook for elementary schools. The finished product is beautiful. It is a great addition to any portfolio, resume or CV. If you submit good work you have a great chance at being published.

Get Paid     Get paid to write! Most academic publishers charge a fee to get published. We'll pay you $100 dollars for your efforts and creativity. STEMTaught is founded on thousands of hours of volunteer service in classrooms. Teachers and principals have begged for a text to compliment the hands-on labs. Join the cause to make learning fun and interesting for young minds!

Get a t-shirt     All scientists and nerds love quirky T-shirts. Show your friends that you write for children with a shirt featuring three of STEMTaught's curious creatures. Also available in V-neck for women.

"I thought of that while riding my bicycle." 

~ Albert Einstein 


In Reference to

the Theory of Relativity.

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