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Winning Submission Example

Matter 5-PS1-1: Develop a model to describe that matter is made of particles too small to be seen.

Author's Name

Chemistry Major

Brigham Young University

*This is what the page that teachers and students access in their classrooms looks like. Look over the author's original submission in the PDF and then check out the final edited and illustrated version that is used in classrooms below to get an idea of what we do here at STEMTaught. We have had great feedback from both teachers and students who think the articles are fun to read. We know your excitement and inspiration for the subject matter is key and we thank you for taking the time to inspire youth.

*Photo credits and bibliography section is not included in the example but it is in the student version.

Author's Original Submission

Final Edit/Illustrated Article for Elementary Students

Hope this example helped you envision the

exciting opportunity this is to impact kids perceptions of STEM early in their life with fun and relevant reading material!  


Can't wait to see your submission!

Safe Solar Viewing (Grades 3-6 Only)

It's Party Time!!!

Ball games

Oreo eclipse

Each of your students will love tracking the progress of the solar eclipse with an Oreo Cookie!  Just twist it apart and use it to model current progress of the eclipse as it occurs.  Making the cookie connection will help students understand how the sun and moon interact to make the crescent shapes that their pin hole projectors show. Eat it after the eclipse :)

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