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We NEED Meeka!


Here at KEEP we need microscopes in our learning center and when we study plankton samples collected during our field trips to the estuary. We usually have a scope connected to a flat screen TV. However that is a much too passive way for students to engage with the plankton sample. Just recently we have tried to get a few more microscopes to allow the students to become more actively engaged with looking at their own individual samples, but those scopes are hand me downs that have poor magnification, no built in lighting and are not easy for the kids to use.


What would be ideal is if we could somehow get enough durable, kid friendly microscopes (like Meeka!) to allow each student to have their own microscope to look through when conducting this activity. 40 scopes would be ideal!








Any help you could provide to help satisfy this need would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you to see how we can move forward on this project.



Dean Thompson

Lead Naturalist



Watch amazing discoveries happen with Meeka

Meeka = engagement

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The STEMTaught Foundation is a non-profit organization. Your donation will be used to help Camp Keep Ocean get a Full set of Meeka Microscopes and a cart . 

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