STEMTaught is seeking great scientific and technical minds that are capable of taking complex subjects and distilling them down to their most essential parts, and explaining the subjects in a way that is easy to understand and interesting to learn for children.  Are you up for the challenge?

Thousands of elementary school kids will be inspired from reading your work.  You could be the one who sparks a lifelong interest for a child in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.  Your writing will build the understanding, interest, and confidence needed to start their life’s path toward an educated future and possibly a STEM career. Your writing will have a direct benefit to society.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The Prizes:

One winning technical paper for each category will get:​​

There are 40+ publishing spots.  Multiple, et al. authors are ok (Professor/grad student).  If you submit good work you have a great chance at being published.

"Student Choice Award" Winners will get:


Students will get to vote for their favorite authors and STEMTaught is going to back their popular vote with a prize to award your writing excellence. 


Writing Topics 

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STEM Writing Contest!  


Scientific Journal For Children

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This is a great

Publishing Opportunity

and a unique opportunity for 

Community Outreach

The perks of being a STEMTaught writer:

                                       Thousands of Grade 4-6 Elementary school children will read your writing.  Your article will be part of their curriculum.  You have a chance to inspire and shape the interest of the great minds of tomorrow.  Your technical submission will be more personal than a normal science textbook and your readers will want to write to you to thank you for writing and tell you what they were excited to learn.  STEMTaught will collect your fan mail and forward it to you.  

Get Fan Mail:

                                           Do you want to publish a scientific work for the most curious and interested audience in the world?  Children will likely be the most appreciative audience you've ever written to.  Your work will be published in a text book for elementary schools.  This is a great opportunity for academic community outreach for professors and grad students.  Such a contribution to school curriculum is a unique publication to add to a CV and would be a great resume builder.  Make the world a better place.  Write!

Get Published:

Get a Free Shirt:

                                                All scientists and nerds love quirky T-shirts.  Show your friends that you write for children with a shirt featuring three of STEMTaught's curious little microorganisms; Volvox, Amoeba, and Gastrotrichs.  Since "Curious minds think alike," you will be the perfect person to write for children. 

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: 

Choose a topic!

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Download the template and write!

Step 2: 

Submission Writing Template

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Submit by email

Step 3: 

Mail Submission to:

Submitting Email Attachments Checklist:

-  Manuscript file word doc

-  original files (photos, data,figures) 

-  Image/data permission statement in email


Write to change the world


   In reference to the

"I thought of that while riding my bicycle." 

~ Albert Einstein    the Theory of Relativity.

When you publish with STEMTaught,

you will be able to tell your colleagues that you published in a scientific journal for Children.