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STEMTaught Programing 

The Digestive System 

If and If Else Statements


In this lab students learn how to use an if statement and an if-else statement. They use programming logic to program a game to guide a hamburger through the digestive system.

Offline Editor 

Download the Scratch template file in this folder, then open the file. You must have the scratch offline editor installed on your computer to use this feature. 

Alternate Entrance for use in offline editor

To Use Online Editor, Enter here:

This link will open the template online on the Scratch website. If your school blocks this website, you must use the offline editor. To use the offline editor, simply open the template in the folder at the top of this page and start working.

Code Key: (Hamburger Code)
Code Challenge: (Make the game cooler)
This is an extra challenge for early finishers and STEMTaught students with computer hacking skills
#1: Keep track of lives
Hint: Create a variable called "lives"
#2: Make losing 3 lives GAME OVER
(Hint: Create a second backdrop that says "Game Over" and find a way to make it trigger.
Pick Me.png
Challenge Answer
Don't peek Until you try to sole the challenge and fail

It's Party Time!!!

Ball games

Oreo eclipse

Safe Solar Viewing (Grades 3-6 Only)

Each of your students will love tracking the progress of the solar eclipse with an Oreo Cookie!  Just twist it apart and use it to model current progress of the eclipse as it occurs.  Making the cookie connection will help students understand how the sun and moon interact to make the crescent shapes that their pin hole projectors show. Eat it after the eclipse :)

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