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Look up at the Stars!

It’s time for you to be an astronomer the type of scientist that studies the objects in space. To do this you need to step outside at night and look up at the night sky. If you live in a city or you are very close to a lot of lights it will be difficult for you to see a lot of stars because of light pollution form buildings. However, there is still a lot you can see if you turn off the porch lights. Get comfy bring out a sleeping bag or a blanket to wrap up in and spend at least 10 minutes watching the best show on earth.

What do you notice, are some things brighter then others, do you see anything moving? If you would like to identify certain stars you can download the app called StarChart for free or search for others. Watch this March 2020 skywatching video from NASA and see if you notice anything they feature!

Home Support:

Watch the movie with one of your parents, it will really amaze them and you can talk about what you noticed. Write in your journal about your observations.

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