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KittyCode Programming Challenge

Make a Simple Thermometer With Your micro:bit

Program your micro:bit so you can use it as a thermometer. Every computer processor is equipped with a digital temperature sensing device. Computers need it to monitor their temperatures. You can utilize the micro:bit's temperature sensor to read the temperature of the surrounding environment

Therma color.png
New project.png

1 - Start a new project in MakeCode

Go to "" to start a new project by clicking the new project icon above. Click the purple plus box labeled "New Project" to begin.

2 - Display temperature in Celsius 

Program your micro:bit to display the temperature in degrees celsius . Try these blocks: 

show number.png
Need Help_ Heres a Tip.png

Hooray! You did it!

If you need help, click me to see the finished product!

Therma color.png
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