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Interactive Punnet Square Maker 

Cloning and Motion


In this lab, you will learn how to use if statements, cloning, and motion for an animation to display the baby critters that you predict with your Punnett Square.


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(If you need to download the hard way or recover a deleted sprite)

Here's how to download;

Step 1: Right-click an image and choose "Save as."

Step 2: Choose a file location to save the image.

Step 3: Open Scratch and upload the images into your new project.

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It's Party Time!!!

Ball games

Oreo eclipse

Safe Solar Viewing (Grades 3-6 Only)

Each of your students will love tracking the progress of the solar eclipse with an Oreo Cookie!  Just twist it apart and use it to model current progress of the eclipse as it occurs.  Making the cookie connection will help students understand how the sun and moon interact to make the crescent shapes that their pin hole projectors show. Eat it after the eclipse :)