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Animal Parenting

"He's soooooo sweet!  He brought her a bird and didn't eat any!"


   Student - 6th grade

In this wildlife observation session students watch a nesting pair of eagles while they eat. What habits do this pair of eagles exhibit at dinner time? How do they cooperate with each other and how does this cooperation benefit them in their purpose to raise young? Just watch as this sweet eagle daddy shares his catch with his nesting partner.

From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes MS-LS1-4: Use argument based on empirical evidence and scientific reasoning to support an explanation for how characteristic animal behaviors and specialized plant structures affect the probability of successful reproduction of animals and plants respectively.  

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Eagle Nest Observation

Live Link to eagle cam

Watch live as mommy and daddy raise their baby eaglets in Decorah, Iowa.

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Student Journal Page

Scroll down. Student observation journaling pages are posted next to each observation activity. Print one worksheet for each student to guide them in their eagle nesting behavior observations.

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Eating Behaviors of a nesting pair of Eagles

Wildlife Observation Notes

Location: Decorah, Iowa

Species: Bald Eagle

Date: Feb 20

Time: 2:53 pm

Temperature: 31 Degrees F

Wind Speed: 12 mph

Weather: Partly Cloudy

Morning Routine - Fluffing the Nest