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Lab Materials Needed

Blockey Koa Crate

from Kea STEMCrate

- 1 Springy Spring Scale per student

Student Lab Sheet

Voyage Through the Galaxy: Distance Affects the Relative Brightness of Stars

Student Edition


Teacher Edition


Earth's Place in the Universe 5-ESS1-1:

Support an arguement that differences in the apparent brightness of the Sun compared to other stars is due to their relative distances from Earth.

Pacing Guide: Recommended time to complete this unit - 1 month

 Instruction day 1 (pages ):  Explore the Phenomenon

 Instruction day 2 (pages 175-176):  Read and discuss

 Instruction day 3 (pages 177-178):  Read and Discuss

 Instruction day 4 (pages 179-180):  Read, discuss, and write

 Instruction day 5 (pages 181-182):  Hands On Activity: Test Gravity Yourself! (Lab Day 1)

 Instruction day 6 (pages 183-184):  Read, discuss, and write

 Instruction day 7 (pages 185-186):  Read, discuss, and write

 Instruction day 8 (pages 186-187):  Read and Discuss

 Instruction day 9 (pages 189-190):  Read and discuss

 Instruction day 10 (pages 191-192):  Read and discuss

 Instruction day 11 (pages 193):  STEM Vocabulary

 Instruction day 12 (pages 194-195):  Writing Workshop

Pacing Guide Word Color Key:   

                   Green words- Hands-on Activity      Black words- Book reading      Blue words: Revisit the Phenomenon