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5th Grade

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Are You Changing Perceptions?

Administer this e-survey at beginning of school year and at school year end.

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Meet the Micro:bits

Coding is easy and fun when students meet the micro:bits. Learn to write and download code, so you are ready to create your own scientific tools!


Meet Meeka Microscope

Before you start using the microscopes, do this fun get-to-know-you lab.

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TE STEMTaught Journal

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TE Assessments

Hands-on Labs Menu Organized by Journal Article Chapter

STEMTaught Journal Article 1 (Pg 10-41)

Protecting Reefs with the Scientific Method: Fishy Connections

Matter 5-ESS3-1: Obtain scientific information and combine ways individual communities use science ideas to protect the earth's resources. 

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The Scientific Method

Students design an experiment using Blocky car to isolate a variable and test a hypothesis. 

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Smart Board Text

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Bubble Bots are on the Move

Manipulate angles and coordinate axes 

Students assign movements the bubble bots to make them move over geometric puzzle backgrounds. Make your bubble bot trace obtuse angles, acute angles and various triangles, parallelograms, and shapes.

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Program your own digital accelerometer  

Students create blocks that turn their micro:bit into an accelerometer.

STEMTaught Journal Article 2 (Pg 42-71)

Understanding Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter are Really, Really Small

Matter - NGSS 5-PS1-1: Develop a model to describe that matter is made of particles too small to be seen. 


Understanding Atoms

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Smart Board Text

Students learn about the particles that make up all matter and enjoy making a human atom model.

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