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Lab Materials Needed

Blockey Koa Crate

from Kea STEMCrate

- 1 Springy Spring Scale per student

Student Lab Sheet

When Objects Collide: Energy Changes When Objects Collide

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Student Edition


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Teacher Edition


Earth Science 4-PS3-3:

Ask questions and predict outcomes about the changes in energy that occud when objects collide.

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When Objects Collide

It's time to experiment with marbles and observe collisions.

Pacing Guide:

Color Key:        Green words- Hands-on Activity      Black words- Book reading      Blue words: Revisit the Phenomenon

 Instruction day 1 (pages ):  Explore the Phenomenon

 Instruction day 2 (pages 263 - 264):  Read and discuss

 Instruction day 3 (pages 265 - 266):  Read, write, and discuss

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 Instruction day 4 (pages 267 - 268):  Read, write, and discuss


 Instruction day 5 (pages 269 - 270):  Read, discuss, and write

 Instruction day 6 (pages 271 - 272):  Hands on activity: Experiment with wooden marbles

 Instruction day 7 (pages 273 - 276):  Hands on Activity: Flip Animation (Lab Day 1)

 Instruction day 8 (page 277):  Hands on Activity: Energy Search! (Lab Day 2)

 Instruction day 9 (page 278):  Hands on Activity: Make a carnival game! (Lab Day 3)

 Instruction day 10 (page 279):  Stem Vocabulary

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 Instruction day 11:  Evaluate