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Dissolving solids, cave formation

"I love getting to play with all the STEM stuff."  


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Grade 1

Kids love measuring, mixing, and observing. This lab faces them with a critical question about phase changes: "Do you think you can get the salt back out of the water?" We created this lab to help students understand the law of conservation of mass in an unforgettably fun way.  


Aligns to Next Gen Science Standards, Common Core State Standards for Math and Language Arts, and sparks students' creative sides. 

Lab sheet & activites

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Lets Make a Crystal.00_00_06_21.Still001
Lets Make a Crystal.00_02_22_28.Still011
Lets Make a Crystal.00_01_05_05.Still006

Student Lab Sheet

Dissolving Solids into Liquids

Class Movie

Dissolving Solids

Teacher Prep Movie

Dissolving Solids

Teacher Edition Lab Sheet

Dissolving Solids into Liquids

1st Grade LAbs

NGSS: 1-LS1-1, 1LS1.B

Dissolving Salt G3 Movie
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