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Lab sheet & activites

Class Movie

Watch Class Movie

Class Movie

Teacher Prep Movie

Lab Materials Needed

Blockey Koa Crate

from Kea STEMCrate

- 1 Springy Spring Scale per student

Student Lab Sheet

All About You

STEM Interest Survey

Hello Friend,

Hi! Welcome to STEMTaught. You are the genius behind this program. It's your skill, your enthusiasm, your instruction, and your concern that will change students' perceptions of STEM and of themselves. All of us, and you, want to make a positive difference in these young lives, to make them feel like they are smart and they can achieve their full potential.   

Please administer the electronic survey at the beginning and at the end of the year to see if together we were able to make a difference in student perceptions of STEM.


Beth and Jake

 "STEMTaught Lessons put all my students on a level playing field."


Teacher - 6th grade.

Students Access Survey online

Your students can easily access the survey on this website and easily fill it out electronically:

1. Go to with your students.

2. Click the "Student" menu tab.

3. Click "STEM Interest Survey" (pearl icon shown below).

Please have your students fill out the interest survey once at the beginning of the year and once at the end of the year.

Teachers: Preview interest survey here

This link will re-direct you to the student page (Under>"Students">Interest Survey)

Take survey once at the beginning of the year and once at the end of the year

STEM Interest Survey

You are a pearl in the making

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