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The Bubble Bots are on the move!

Programming Challenges

Use these programming challenges as a fun activity for your students. You will find these activities valuable to use in your classroom when going over the coordinate axis, angles, shapes with your class. There are shapes and angles that are relevant for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 common core standards. 

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Teacher Landing Page - Bubble Bots

Student Challenges

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Here are all the challenges (Student)

You students can reference this same link at> Students > STEMTaught Programming > "Then click the Bubble Bots Link"

Your student's password to access the links is "yay"

Teacher Edition- Challenge Answers

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Here are all the answers (Teacher)

You can reference all of the answers to the design challenges at this link. There are no tutorials or help resources for students to follow in solving the Bubble Bot puzzles. The challenges are supposed to be a programming challenge for students. The Bubble Bot challenges were created to give you a great activity do do in your classroom. Many teachers are using the these challenges with their math lessons at the appropriate time or as "Fun Friday" activities. Enjoy!

Introduce your students to STEMTaught Programming with the Bubble Bots!

This is an introductory activity to block coding. Students learn to use block code while they solve geometric coding challenges.

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