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Electrical Conductors


Your class will discover the basics of electrical engineering as they experiment with building a basic circuit to test whether various materials are conductors or not.  

Basic electrical components like wires, lights, resistors, and microchips are the building blocks that make up all electronics.

"I want to collect all the Pocket Pets!"  

                                       Student quote

Watch Class Movie

Class Movie

teacher Prep

Lab Prep Movie

Lab Assistant 

Lab sheet & activites

Lab Activity

Lab Materials:

- Koa - "Holes in the Rocks"

- 1 Maggie Magnifying Glass per child

Running the Lab Activity: 

1. Give each student a Rock and a Maggie Magnifier and let them search their sample for evidence of animal homes.  

2. As they discover the critter homes they can cut and color the corresponding species POCKETPet cards.


(Give students 30 to 40 minutes of observation time to observe and share and exchange multiple rock samples)

Sample Identification Key 

Display on Whiteboard During Lab

Find all these little guys on your rocks!


Lacy Crust Bryozoan


Feather Duster

Tube Worm Home


Dexiospira Tube Worm Home

Piddock Clam



Sand Mason Tube Worm Home


Dodecacaria Home


Scaly Tube Snail Home


Barnacle Home

Students observe animal homes in ocean rocks with Maggie Magnifying glass and compare the diversity of animals in the tide pool habitat  

NGSS 2-LS4-1

A Nice Neighborhood

In Class Movie

*Extra Activity* Keep the excitement going.  

Art and Language Arts

POCKETPet Field Pocket Book

Acedemic Activity

Watch your students get motivated to learn science with POCKETPets

Simply staple 3 sandwich bags together to make a POCKETBook 

2nd graders go bonkers for POCKETPets!  Watch your class attack this language arts writing assignment on a POCKETBook with excitement as they create science journal entries about the animal homes they found on their lab rocks.

Build motor skills, writing skills and harbor creative expression. Bring this fun activity to your classroom.


Additional activity

Pocket Book Activity Illustrations

Cut, Color,Paste

Pocket Book Materials:

- 3 brown paper sandwich bags per student

- Print one "Book Activity Illustration" per student

Pocket Book Activity: 

1. Give each student a stapled Pocket Booklet.  

2. Allow students to write a field journal entry for 4 or 5 Pocket Pets. They can record their observations and learnings or lab experience .

3.  Color and decorate an illustration for each journal entry page

4. Keep POCKETPet Cards in PocketBook Pages

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