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Meet Kea and The STEMTools

Thank you for adopting Kea!  She has been waiting a long time for this.

A Nice Neighborhood

Students observe animal homes in ocean rocks with Maggie magnifying glass and compare the diversity of mammals in different habitats - A special look at the intertidal zone.


Let's Go for a seed walk

Students explore seeds under the microscope as they study they ways that nature disperses seeds.


Reversible changes

Some changes in matter are reversible and some are not. In this lab students will see that salt can disappear in water and then reappear when the water evaporates.

Sandstone Erosion

The earth's processes happen Slow


The Many Shapes of Land and Water 2-ESS1-1

What my Bike is Made of

Sensory Table Play: describe, classify, and sort different kinds of materials 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-2

Snap Circuits

The building blocks of electronics can be rearranged into new things 2-PS1-3

Reversable & Irreversable Changes

Favorite Animal Show and Tell

Compare the diversity of mammals in different habitats - A special look at Salamanders 2-LS4-1

Therma's Socks

The Earth Changes Fast & Slow

Earthquakes, plate tectonics, and volcanos 2-ESS1-1

Students use a Thermometer and colored fabric to determine the effect of the suns warming on different colors. Therma's knowlege of colored socks will be used to solve a problem for the nearspace program K-2-ETS1-1

Camera Insulating Jacket

Engineering Design

Students are in charge of choosing the best solar heating color and windproof texture of the fabric that will become a nearspace camera insulating jacket.  Students choose a color and material for a solar heating jacket that will go up to nearspace to protect the onboard camera. The geometry of the fabric will be analyzed microscopically and experimentally for wind breaking ability.  The problem situation will be defined for the student and the students will test a few solutions with experimentation.  


I Can Grow Plants

 Plants need sunlight and water to grow 2-LS2-1

Some changes cause by heating and cooling can be reversed and some can not 2-PS1-4

Meet Kea and The STEMTools

Thank you for adopting Kea! She has been waiting a long time for this.

Sound Vibrations - Clap Stick

A Yokuts Tribal Member teaches children to make a traditional Yokuts musical Instrument. Your class can learn to sing the Eagle Song in the Yokuts Language. Explore vibrations and sound (Physics 1-PS4-1). 

Measuring with Cubie

Time to go on a measuring adventure. In this lab students learn to use Mezzie the measuring tape, and how to measure with one inch measuring cubes.  

1st Grade

The Technology of Nature

Design a solution to a problem by mimicking nature - Burs, thorns, turtle shells, and birds. 1-LS1-1

Flowers Microscopy Lab

Observe flowers in an amazing new way!

NGSS 1-L23-1

Measuring Shells

Time to go on a measuring adventure.

Young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like, their parents. 1-LS3-1


Parent and offspring behaviors that help offspring survive. NGSS: 1-LS1-2, CCSS: R1.1.10, R1.1.2

animl Rescue Hospital

The Sun, Moon, and Stars

Discuss patterns you can see in our skies. Hands on activity that helps them see what is going on.

You can teach a first grader anything if you set it up right. They are eager to learn and truly amazing little scientists with so many questions. You'll take their observations of the world around them to the next level and see the joy as they use their STEM tools to discover all the Next Generation Science Standards.

Why We can see

Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that objects can be seen only when illuminated.

NGSS: 1PS4-2&3, CCSS: MP.5, SL.1.1, W.1.8, W.1.7

Meet Kea and The STEMTools

Thank you for adopting Kea! She has been waiting a long time for this.

Harvesting Corn

Students learn what plants and animals need to survive and observe seeds and sprouts under the microscope. 


STEMPlay With Seeds

Students learn about seeds and what plants need to survive through STEMPlay with Playable the Table and Kea's STEMTools.


Sensory Table Play With Marbles

Students compare the effects of different strengths and directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object and change the speed of an object with a push or a pull


Making Shade

Students create something that makes shade, observing the effect of sunlight and reducing the warming effect of the sun. 

NGSS K-PS3-2, K-PS3-2

Measuring Pushes and Pulls

Students make their own measurements to explore the effects of the strength of pushes and pulls using Qubie Blocks

Forces K-PS2-1

Pet Rescue Hospital

The needs of living things in relation to where they live.


Pumpkins and apples

The Weather Outside

Students meet Therma, experiment, and learn how to measure the weather outside.


Learn to Measure Liquids

Students practicine counting and measuring by 10 with Tedros Test Tube.

STEMPlay With Blockey Car

The effect of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object.


Students learn what plants need to survive in a fun and playful STEMTool way. 


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